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Being Muslim, Feeling Stuck

(Update: Our podcast is gracefully evolving from "Pause with Yasmin" to "Being Muslim, Feeling Stuck." 🎉 Our path in this world is an unfolding tapestry, and I'm thrilled to explore how our shared faith can illuminate our way through challenges. Your support means the world to me. Let's embrace this new chapter together, with hearts filled with sincerity and hope. 🌸🎙️ With deep gratitude, Yasmin.)


Yasmin uses her voice and words to discuss the deen, mental health, and everything in between.


She is the author of Is There Love Here?


A note on our content: We advise listener discretion for frank discussions about mental illness and existential struggle. Please stop listening if it no longer feels good. <3

Every other Friday (bi-weekly).
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